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Today’s consumer market is tough terrain with all the choices thrown out there, Nike, Reebok, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Samsung or Sony are a small portion of what’s out there. We the consumer are lucky to have been spoilt and even in monopolized markets such as Microsoft’s common play ground the IT industry, the giants are being challenged opening once impenetrable sectors to new contenders. Competition is healthy for the consumer, 12win casino download and online slot machine games induce us to face the same dilemmas as choosing which brand names to brandish today.

Slots are easy to play machines where the punter fronts a stake and spins a set of reels hoping for winning combination. The winning combination could lead to jackpot payout which is the highest pay amount.

Slots come in 2 principle forms then they are broken down into various categories. Firstly players can choose to play for fun or more serious challenges are on offer playing for real money stakes. Real money stakes means opening an account with an online casino and placing a wager on each played spin with your own cash.

After the decision to play for money or for free there are no differences in game play between the two. As do the real thing, virtual slot machines usual appearance come in 3 reel or 5 reel additions, some websites offer more novelty multiple-reeled games.

Once the style has been selected the choice of game play slightly varies all with the same aim. The first type is easy, one win line across the middle and the combined fruits are decided here for a win or not. Others have multiple win lines where you select the win lines you want to stake. Then there are multiple stake machines where the higher the stake the larger the payout. Finally, a few allow you to play the board and win bonus prizes. Using random pictures symbols are added, the correct combination of symbols regardless of the picture can get you into different levels of the board.


Lastly, selecting a theme is up. Themes can be as funny as Charlie Chaplin to more serious themes such as Senators election including related topic sound effects.

The selection of games to play is vast and you can find yourself swimming through an ocean. Slots online offer perhaps more than a million unique themes, although there are so many to choose from most stick to the basic well known betting methods commonly found, although being a virtual world some dabble outside of the ordinary realm.

Choosing the type of slot you want to play is easy and the online slot machine player has a multitude if themes to choose from. After this game play styles stick to the more familiar methods, although other are out there offering alternative styles away from the norm from added fun. The themes and sounds online have been simulated to reproduce the same game play feel as the real thing.